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Taken part in a sports event in the last few years? If so, you probably saw hundreds of disposable cups littering the ground, plastic bottles galore and masses of cheap made in China medals and promotional items. All in all, many events have a significant environmental footprint.
Spring is officially here! It’s that time of year when we open the windows to bring in fresh air and get the urge to declutter our homes. Full of good intentions, we set about sorting, throwing out or giving away often useless, broken or unused bits and pieces that are cluttering the house. A few hours later and we’re faced with a mountain of stuff. So what do we...
Actualité - 31 March 2016 - Tag : Organization, Responsible consumption
We would like to thank all members and supporters who responded to our survey in such large numbers in early January. Some 5,342 people completed the online questionnaire! This representative sample will give us a better understanding of Équiterre supporters and guide our future actions. An analysis of the many responses is currently in progress. However, three trends in the...
Actualité - 15 March 2016 - Tag : Customer satisfaction survey, Organization
* Cost * Constraints (set times to pick up the basket, inability to choose what’s in the basket, etc.) * Fear of wasting or having to cook too often * I am not familiar with the organic baskets from Equiterre’s family farmers * I don’t eat a lot of fruits and vegetables * I don’t find that consuming local and organic fruits and vegetables is important
Équiterre is proud to be one of the four finalists in the Alimentation [food] category at the 2016 Les Vivats contest for our annual Benefit Cocktail. Some 82 applications were submitted for the 5th contest, which is intended to recognize sustainable practices in Quebec.
This year, Équiterre is hosting the Change the World with Équiterre run—a new fundraising event to support the environment. Come take part in various sports events for the whole family, and enjoy entertainment, booths, food tasting and lots of prizes. Wander Mount Royal’s grassy trails and raise money for Équiterre at the same time.
Solution - 24 February 2016 - Tag : Changing, Changing the world run, Donations, Event, Organization, Run, World
Do you enjoy and have experience interacting with the public? Are you motivated and persuasive? Do you enjoy excelling every day at a stimulating job? Are you looking for a flexible work schedule that accommodates other activities? Most importantly, do you care about the environment and want to strive to change the world? We have the job you’re looking for! Équiterre is...
Emploi Stage Bénévolat Appel - 15 February 2016 - Tag : Job, Organization, Job Offer
Équiterre will be participating, once again, in Montreal’s Nuit Blanche on Saturday, February 27. Visit the Centre for Sustainable Development and plunge into a red-hot atmosphere reflecting the impact of climate change. There’ll be a one-of-a-kind, really fun photo booth featuring symbols of Canada and Quebec threatened by climate change, tar sands and pipelines....
Property and casualty insurance is essential for a viable economy. Without coverage, companies and individuals could risk losing their assets if a loss occurs. And, because of its local, social and environmental economic weight, the property and casualty insurance industry plays a key role in promoting sustainable development in society. Here's how :
Actualité - 14 February 2016 - Tag : Community action, LEED, Organization, Sustainable development
Very few people have had the opportunity to see from this close the unimaginable scale of the Alberta’s tar sands - the world’s third largest oil reserve and it’s largest energy project - like the artist Garth Lenz did from the air to realize his photo exhibit “The True Cost of Oil”.
Actualité - 1 February 2016 - Tag : Fight against climate change, Organization, Tar sands
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