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Montreal, May 27 2015 – Citoyens au Courant, Equiterre, l’Association Québécoise de Lutte Contre la Pollution Atmosphérique (AQLPA), Environnement Jeunesse (ENJEU), Climate Justice Montréal, Nature Québec, Sierra Club Québec and Environmental Defence officially made a request to the NEB yesterday to reveal whether it plans to force Enbridge to implement...
Communiqué - 27 mai 2015 - Tag : Enbridge, Ligne 9B, Organization, Public interventions, Sables bitumineux
In a surprising reversal, the National Energy Board (NEB) has sent a rather firmly worded letter to Enbridge, telling the company that it cannot proceed as planned with the reversal of its Line 9B pipeline until meeting all the conditions imposed by the NEB.
On March 6, the National Energy Board (NEB) approved Enbridge's plan to reverse the flow and increase the capacity in its Line 9B pipeline.
Within a few weeks, the National Energy Board will come out for or against the Line 9B Reversal. If the project is approved, tar sands crude could soon flow through Quebec.
Environmental groups were disappointed last week when a Quebec parliamentary committee came out in favour of Enbridge's controversial Line 9B reversal project, which could bring tar sands crude through Quebec. Fortunately, the committee did stipulate 18 conditions:
Actualité - 11 décembre 2013 - Tag : Advocacy, Enbridge, Line 9, Tar sands
Here's something to cheer you up in light of the recent bad news that a Quebec parliamentary committee has come out in favour of Enbridge's Line 9B reversal project, which could bring tar sands crude through Quebec, contributing to the growth of one of Canada's most polluting industries.
Actualité - 10 décembre 2013 - Tag : Advocacy, Enbridge, Fight against climate change, Line 9, Tar sands toolkit
On November 16, thousands of people across Canada will come together in their communities to build a united wall of opposition to: pipeline projects such as Northern Gateway (Enbridge), Line 9 (Enbridge) and Energy East (TransCanada) reckless tar sands expansion runaway climate change Will you pledge to stand up in your community on November 16? Sign up to host...
Événement - 28 octobre 2013 - Tag : Advocacy, Enbridge, Energy East, Line 9, Northern Gateway, Theme Days
Toronto's FInch subway station: where things could go wrong Toronto, October 18, 2013 – International independent experts have raised serious doubts about the safety and economic benefits of the Line 9B reversal. Their reports have been filed as expert testimony with the National Energy Board in the Line 9B case, which is being heard in Toronto until Saturday.
Communiqué - 18 octobre 2013 - Tag : Advocacy, Enbridge, National Energy Board (NEB), Tar sands toolkit
Montreal, October 1, 2013 – In anticipation of the National Energy Board hearing next week in Montreal on Enbridge’s proposed Line 9B reversal and Line 9 capacity expansion project, municipalities are joining forces with citizens’ and environmental groups to reiterate safety and environmental concerns about the project.
Communiqué - 1 octobre 2013 - Tag : Advocacy, City of Montreal, Climate change, Enbridge, Tar sands
Before Quebec goes to the polls for municipal elections on November 3, check out these recommendations for the mayoral candidates.