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What will the world of tomorrow look like? How can we make it brighter and more sustainable? And do we have the power to do so? Is our vision of the future achievable? If we work together, it is. We’ve built an economy that has many advantages, but its weaknesses threaten our very existence on Earth. Nevertheless, the ability to rethink our future lies with us.
Actualité - 1 mai 2020 - Tag : Advocacy, Équiterre
Five tips to build your mental resilience during times of crisis If you’ve been following Équiterre since the beginning of the current crisis, you’ve surely noticed that a certain word keeps coming up: resilience. For Équiterre, resilience is the key to ensuring that our societies and our systems are strong enough to resist the crises that threaten us now and...
Actualité - 1 mai 2020 - Tag : Choix collectifs, Équiterre
In the past while, we’ve heard the word resilience a lot. Resilience to get us through the current crisis, resilient recovery plans, resilient agriculture… but what does it really mean? With Équiterre’s new campaign, we’re working to define it so that it can guide our work. Our Executive Director, Colleen Thorpe, presents our new campaign, Rooted for...
Actualité - 1 mai 2020 - Tag : Choix collectifs, Équiterre
Équiterre's Board of Directors has confirmed that Colleen Thorpe will be the organization's new Executive Director. View the press release >>
Actualité - 18 septembre 2019 - Tag : administration, Director, Équiterre, Organization
Executive Director, Sidney Ribaux, becomes the environmental organization’s official spokesperson, announces a reorganization of upper management  
Communiqué - 11 octobre 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, Équiterre
The Équiterre citizens’ movement continues to grow, and we are very proud to have passed the milestone of 18,000 members! To each and every one of you who, like us, believes that there are solutions and that it is possible to change the world one step at a time, 18,000 THANKS for giving us the means to act!
Actualité - 29 juin 2016 - Tag : Équiterre, Organization
It’s impossible to meet Canada’s Paris climate commitment using ‘business as usual’ evaluation
What a busy year 2014 was for Equiterre! So many major environmental issues came to the fore, including TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline project, pesticides, and the electrification of transportation. Thank you to our members and supporters for giving us the means to speak up again and again. The family farmers in our network continued their efforts, feeding...
Actualité - 31 décembre 2014 - Tag : 2014, Équiterre, Organisation, Public interventions, Review, Vidéo