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This backgrounder summarizes energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) modeling research that was commissioned by seven environmental organizations from across Canada It was undertaken by EnviroEconomics and Navius, with the goal of showing how Canada can achieve its fair share of emission reductions over this decade.
Publication - 21 avril 2021 - Tag : Climate change, GHG
Response to: "Mulroney urges Trudeau to take personal charge of Energy East project", by Robert Fife, published September 13, 2016 In yesterday's Globe and Mail, Robert Fife published the plea by former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "take personal charge" of the Energy East project. We are of the opinion that Prime...
Publication - 14 septembre 2016 - Tag : Advocacy, Climate change, Energy East, GHG, TransCanada
Équiterre, Pembina Institute, Environmental Defence, Climate Action Network Canada, Conservation Council of New-Brunswick and Ecology Action Centre released this report for a pan-Canadian electrification strategy, in order to reduce GHG emissions, following the Paris Agreement.