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Climate change

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   Montreal, April 23, 2020 - Équiterre has submitted a new version of its recommendations for the 2020 federal budget, the release of which had been delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis. The decisions made today to respond to the health, economic and climate crises affecting Canadian society will have significant impacts in the years to come.
Communiqué - 23 avril 2020 - Tag : Climate change, Climate change, Federal budget
To limit the impacts of the climate crisis, 2020 will be a pivotal year for both Quebec and Canada. It marks the beginning of a decade of transition, which must culminate in 2030 with a halving of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Actualité - 26 février 2020 - Tag : Climate change, federal and provincial budgets
We all know someone who knows someone who isn’t too concerned about the environment. Every day, we encounter people who don’t realize the extent of the climate crisis we’re facing. It’s especially hard when it’s your father, mother, child, uncle, grandmother, friend or colleague who thinks that they’re doing their part to save the planet by...
Actualité - 26 février 2020 - Tag : Climate change, Climate change
Despite clear and repeated demands from citizens in the street throughout the world in 2019, negotiators at COP25 in Madrid did not respond to the to call for action to address the climate crisis. There were three critical issues that the Parties of the Paris Agreement were working on at COP25:  
Actualité - 17 décembre 2019 - Tag : Climate change, Climate change
In a brief submitted as part of the Quebec government’s public consultations on its Electrification and Climate Change Plan (ECCP), Équiterre outlined 27 recommendations for addressing the climate crisis.
Actualité - 7 novembre 2019 - Tag : Climate change, Climate change
On April 2, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) tabled a report on Canada’s changing climate. The effects of climate change can seem abstract and far off, but that is not the case in this country. Canada is already seeing its climate change. And according to the report, these changes are only unfortunately just beginning, and their effects will only become more...
Actualité - 30 mai 2019 - Tag : Climate change, Youth
Flooding and climate change: how are they related? The recent devastating floods in parts of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick are another example of how climate change is affecting and will continue to affect the lives of Canadians in a significant way. Loss of life, loss of homes, damage to property and infrastructure are just some of the most visible consequences of heavy...
Actualité - 14 mai 2019 - Tag : Climate change, Flooding
Time is running out. We have to act. This year, Earth Day will become Earth Week, with celebrations continuing for a whole week. Up for supporting young people taking action on Monday, April 22? Following the big rally on March 15, this will be another event with committed young Quebecers, who will be joined by citizens, parents, environmental organizations, unions,...
Actualité - 11 avril 2019 - Tag : Climate change, Earth Day
The GNL Québec project is a plan to build a new pipeline across Quebec, all the way to the Saguenay region, where it would also build a plant to prepare natural gas to be shipped overseas.
Actualité - 11 avril 2019 - Tag : Climate change, Climate change