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Local food procurement

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Of all the daily activities we engage in, eating is the one that has the greatest impact on our environment, our health and our society.
Solution - 14 avril 2020 - Tag : Food Education Kit, Local food, Local food procurement
Eating fruits and vegetables grown and processed here at home offers many benefits that are often overlooked! FROZEN PRODUCE The vegetables are picked at peak ripeness and freshness before being rapidly washed, prepared, blanched and frozen at a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. There are many good reasons to eat frozen foods:
Solution - 14 avril 2020 - Tag : Ask for local, Buying local, Local food procurement
Would you like to see more local products on your grocer’s shelves but don’t know what you can do about it? Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find homegrown fruits and vegetables. Here’s a practical guide to help you demand more local foods from your grocer.
Solution - 14 avril 2020 - Tag : Ask for local, Buying local, Local food procurement
For many, September is synonymous with the start of school, cooler nights and the end of the unbearable wait for our favourite TV series to return. For those who enjoy local organic food, September brings an abundance of local organic vegetables from the fields of our family farmers and at local markets. It speaks to the flavour, colours and freshness of our local food, and...
Actualité - 29 août 2019 - Tag : Buying local, Food, Local food procurement
On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, Équiterre, Aliments du Québec and the Tables de concertation bioalimentaires from different regions of Quebec will be celebrating local food in all Quebec establishments! Whether you are a daycare, school, CEGEP, university, health facility or workplace, please save the date and register your establishment now!
Actualité - 18 juin 2019 - Tag : Local food, Local food procurement
The arrival of spring is synonymous with the release of government budgets. Never before have the expectations of environmental organizations and ordinary citizens been so high when it comes to protecting the environment and fighting climate change. People and organizations throughout the world are mobilizing, including going on strike on behalf of the climate, and signing...
Opting for local food, grown or prepared in Quebec, means a shorter distance to your plate and therefore fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less need for preservatives. We can easily make these choices for the food we bring into our households, but what about the food that is served at school, at the daycare, at the hospital, at the office?
Actualité - 14 février 2019 - Tag : Buying local, Local food, Local food procurement, Local food procurement
Give the kids at your school the chance to develop a taste for cooking and healthy food! Recipe for Successful Cooking Workshops is a new, free practical guide to organizing cooking initiatives in schools. Available in electronic or print form, this practical guide aims to encourage and facilitate the implementation of effective cooking workshops. It provides tips and...
Actualité - 19 novembre 2018 - Tag : Local food procurement, Local food procurement, Sustainable cafeterias
Équiterre is proud to promote Farm to School Month, a pan-Canadian event organized by the Farm to Cafeteria Canada movement.
Actualité - 28 septembre 2018 - Tag : Local food procurement, Local food procurement, Local food procurement
In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to buy local and to show solidarity with Quebec farmers. Our local producers are used to facing unpredictability, but their resilience and ability to adapt are valuable strengths that allow them to continue to carry out their mission of feeding us. Here are some helpful resources for schools and organizations looking...
Solution - 27 août 2018 - Tag : Buying local, Local food procurement, Local food procurement