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Public Intervention

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New report shows a majority of oil sands revenues are funneled to foreign investors   Unceded Coast Salish Territories (VANCOUVER, BC) — A new investigative report shows revenues from the oil sands are far more likely to line the pockets of foreign investors instead of Canadians, with more than 70 per cent of oil sands production owned by investors and shareholders...
Communiqué - 11 mai 2020 - Tag : Public Intervention, Tar sands
Experts from the public health, non-profit and consumer goods sectors will be sharing their take on the future and current state of this health issue. This round table discussion will be preceded by a public lecture from guest speaker Ken Cook, President and Co-founder of the Environmental Working Group, entitled “Rethinking Cancer and the Environment.”
Blog entry by Karen Ross, Ph.D. Project Manager - Pesticides and Toxic Substances at Équiterre and Muhannad Malas, Program Manager - Toxics at Environmental Defence.
Actualité - 21 mars 2017 - Tag : Pesticides, Petition, Public Intervention
Leger (The Research Intelligence Group) has been mandated by Équiterre and the David Suzuki Foundation to conduct a survey to assess residents of the greater Montreal area their knowledge and opinion regarding the Réseau Électrique Métropolitain (REM), a new integrated electric driverless train network linking downtown Montreal, the South Shore, the West Island, the North...
Actualité - 1 mars 2017 - Tag : Electrification of transportation, Poll, Public Intervention
Income tax season is here again. So what better time to sign the petition and tell the government to better spend your hard earned money! Every year in Canada, at least $3.3 billion go up in smoke as generous tax credits are offered to the oil, gas and coal industries. Like its G20 counterparts, in 2009, Canada committed to phasing out fossil fuel subsidies by 2020. Seven...
Actualité - 27 février 2017 - Tag : fossil fuels, Petition, Public Intervention
Toronto, May 13, 2015 – More than sixty groups across Canada are asking the National Energy Board (NEB) to close TransCanada’s Energy East application and keep it closed until the broken federal regulatory process is fixed.
The Équiterre member meetup took place this week. The highlight of the year for the 12,000 Équiterre members was an opportunity to report on activities undertaken, elect three new members to the board and discuss the action plan for next year. The year 2015 will be another year marked by climate change issues especially with the next United Nations Convention on Climate Change...
Actualité - 30 avril 2015 - Tag : 2014, Annual Report, Member meetup, Organization, Public Intervention
Équiterre and the David Suzuki Foundation, in collaboration with New York artist Zina Saunders, would like to present Life Without Bees. This short film shows the importance of bees in food production and the negative impact of neonicotinoid pesticides (neonics) on the health of these important pollinators. It also urges you to act by signing the call for action It’s...
Actualité - 31 mars 2015 - Tag : Action, bees, Neonicotinoid, Pesticides, Public Intervention
Evaluating the utility of a responsible investment product (as compared to a traditional investment product) might help you decide which way to go next time you’re ready to invest. The process may help you make some other tricky decisions too.
Actualité - 30 mars 2015 - Tag : Organisations, Public Intervention, Responsible investment