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Responsible consumption

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Have you heard of Buy Nothing Day? On November 29, we’re challenged not to buy anything for an entire day. Celebrated around the world, Buy Nothing Day serves as a counterpoint to Black Friday,
Actualité - 31 octobre 2019 - Tag : Black Friday, Responsible consumption
Everyone who loves winter says the same thing: you have to enjoy winter sports to fully appreciate the season, rather than counting the days until spring. But for those who live in the city, do you absolutely need a car to make the most of winter sports? Is it too expensive to get the equipment and to access these activities, especially for a family? The good news: Whether...
Actualité - 30 janvier 2020 - Tag : Responsible consumption, sport
“Would you like to carbon-offset your flight?”; “This event is carbon-neutral.”; “They offered me a carbon offset as a gift!”. In all likelihood you’ve heard or read about carbon offsetting these past few years.
Actualité - 2 avril 2019 - Tag : Carbon market, Greenhouse gas emissions, Responsible consumption
Take a moment and try to remember the last time you looked up at the stars. This comic is a reminder of how spending time in nature helps us reconnect with ourselves, with those around us and with the planet. This month, Équiterre is encouraging you to spend time outdoors and reconnect with nature. We often talk about protecting the environment for human survival, but it...
Actualité - 28 février 2019 - Tag : nature, Responsible consumption
Are you curious about a more zero waste lifestyle? Have you ever thought about how much waste is created at sporting events? Well, for four years now, Équiterre’s Change the World Run has been setting the example as a 100% eco-friendly zero waste race. Water refill stations, no promotional items and zero waste prizes and kiosques are just the start of the guide to a zero...
Actualité - 28 février 2019 - Tag : Responsible consumption, Responsible consumption
December’s Action of the Month: 12 ideas for a simpler and greener holiday season With the holidays fast approaching, the team at Équiterre invites you to express your love for friends and family, but also for the planet. How? By consuming less… and more wisely!
Recharge your batteries this summer—literally and figuratively! It’s a common misconception that electric cars are designed just for driving around town and that there aren’t enough charging stations for longer trips. Not true! The charging network has expanded dramatically throughout Quebec and the rest of Canada in recent years and electric vehicles (EVs)...
Come join us at the race to get the chance to run next to our ambassadors and cofounders! By participating, each one of them is demonstrating their support for the concept of a 100 % eco-friendly race with no waste. Have a look at what they have to say in the image below, or even better, come speak with them in person during the race and show them that you are also a part of...
Actualité - 15 mai 2018 - Tag : Changing the world run, Responsible consumption
So many things end up in the garbage - old phones, coffee makers, TVs - things that we were once so attached to and wish we could hang on to for longer, but they just don’t perform optimally anymore. One of Équiterre’s newest areas of focus is obsolescence, seeking to help you prolong the life of your favourite personal and home electronics.
Actualité - 15 mai 2018 - Tag : obsolescence, Responsible consumption
In this post, we’d like to share Anne’s story, which brilliantly highlights an effective way to fight obsolescence—repairing! A few weeks ago, my faithful work companion—my laptop, not my cat—suddenly stopped and the screen went black while I was right in the middle of a project. I’ll spare you the details of my violent reaction.
Actualité - 13 avril 2018 - Tag : Responsible consumption, Responsible consumption