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Organic baskets—A winning formula for veggie lovers!


We are always interested in hearing from our supporters, so we wanted to know how satisfied subscribers are and why they sign up for organic baskets. Last winter we sent a survey to the 12,000 subscribers and over 2,600 respondents expressed their appreciation!

Their answers inspired us to encourage you to subscribe too!

  • Most subscribers are very satisfied (71%) or satisfied (25%) with the basket scheme overall!
  • Subscribers particularly appreciate the quality (98%), freshness (97%) and quantity (90%) of the vegetables.
  • The farmers are fairly flexible: 80% of subscribers like being able to trade certain products and 78% are pleased they can suspend delivery when they go on vacation.
  • 79% intend to subscribe again this year, most (91%) with the same farm!

Why sign up for an organic basket? These are the three main reasons given:

  • To support a local farmer (89%). All farms in the network are small family farms in Quebec. Each dollar spent on organic produce from Quebec is an investment in our economy and rural communities, and provides a livelihood for local farmers committed to safe production methods.
  • To be healthy (78%). Eating organic produce reduces exposure to pesticide residues, which are a major health hazard, particularly for children.
  • To protect the environment (71%). Organic farming relies on healthy, vibrant soil. It preserves soil fertility and biodiversity while controlling erosion, the main source of soil degradation on the planet. In contrast, chemical fertilizers can pollute groundwater and pesticides affect natural predators and pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies, which are essential to plant reproduction and farming in general.

Our family farmers work hard to provide you with the best produce.
You can join the tens of thousands of people who’ll be enjoying fresh, local, organic vegetables this summer! Sign up for an organic basket!
To find out more, visit our Why Eat Organic? page!