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Alternatives to pesticides

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Glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in the world. It is found everywhere: in the water, air, soil, rainwater, and even on our plates. Monsanto manipulated public science to downplay the cancer risk of its pesticide glyphosate. Recent revelations show that research biased by Monsanto was used in Canada’s re-assessment of glyphosate in 2017. Équiterre has been...
Actualité - 15 February 2019 - Tag : Advocacy, Alternatives to pesticides, Dangers of pesticides, Pesticides
The real spring with warm, sunny days is (hopefully!) on its way. That means it’s time to plant your vegetable garden or give your balcony some TLC. But did you know—prepare for a shock—that most seeds in superstores are coated in pesticides?
Actualité - 1 May 2018 - Tag : Alternatives to pesticides, Ecological horticulture
Latest science proves controversial insecticides aren’t needed, affordable alternatives exist Joint statement of the David Suzuki Foundation and Équiterre on new research findings by the Task Force on Systemic Pesticides  © Task Force on Systemic Pesticide
Communiqué - 26 February 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, Alternatives to pesticides, Neonicotinoid
A text by Ann Petersen-Anderson, Edith Smeesters and Merryl Hammond*. While Québec is currently proposing to modify and improve the Québec Pesticide Code, a pioneer in the battle against pesticides has died, Dr. June Irwin.   Who was Dr. June Irwin? Dr. June Irwin died at the age of 83 on June 22, 2017. She has left an enduring legacy of local environmental activism...
Actualité - 1 August 2017 - Tag : Advocacy, Alternatives to pesticides
This text was originally published in National Observer on May 31st, 2017. The author is Karen Ross, Ph.D. Project Manager - Pesticides and Toxic Substances at Équiterre. The next agricultural policy framework needs a strategy for reducing the use of synthetic pesticides and promoting innovative pest management practices.
Actualité - 30 May 2017 - Tag : Advocacy, Alternatives to pesticides
On April 21, Équiterre and its partners organized in Montreal a symposium on the alternatives to systemic pesticides, particularly neonicotinoids.
Actualité - 29 April 2016 - Tag : Alternatives to pesticides, Pesticides, Purchasing
This spring, to raise awareness about alternatives to pesticides, our ecological horticulture team asked people to send in their favourite dandelion photos. They received more than 500 submissions!
Ten years ago, Quebec did a gutsy thing: it adopted the first Pesticides Management Code in all of North America, restricting the use of certain pesticides for cosmetic purposes.  But since then, Quebec has been overtaken by some of the other provinces, notably Ontario and Nova Scotia. To catch up with them, Quebec needs to strengthen its Code so that it offers residents...