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Équiterre and a group of leading environmental organizations have launched the One Earth One Vote campaign to mobilize Canadians to demand bold climate action during the 2021 federal election campaign. The group has agreed on 7 key environmental demands that our federal parties must commit to during this election campaign.
Actualité - 17 August 2021 - Tag : Campagne électorale, Élections
The fall federal election will be pivotal in determining the future we want for our families, communities, and planet. As citizens, we must demand that all federal parties commit to immediate and ambitious climate action during this campaign, and then we must hold them to their promises after the election.
Solution - 17 August 2021 - Tag : Campagne électorale, Élections, One Earth, one vote
After a summer of devastating extreme weather events and stark IPCC report, 34 of Canada’s leading environmental organizations call on voters to demand transformative change
Communiqué - 16 August 2021 - Tag : Campagne électorale, Élections, one vote