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climate crisis

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New research released today by seven environmental organizations shows that Canada can take much more ambitious climate action between now and 2030 while maintaining a thriving economy and reducing energy costs for Canadians. The research, undertaken by renowned energy modellers from EnviroEconomics and Navius, shows that Canada can achieve 60 per cent GHG emission reductions...
Actualité - 21 April 2021 - Tag : Climate change, climate crisis
To ensure our food security in the context of the climate crisis, we need resilient farms that can sustain us all into the future. But it’s no secret that Canadian agriculture is facing significant challenges. Though production and productivity have improved dramatically over recent decades, herbicide and pesticide resistance is growing, soils are degrading and the...
Actualité - 26 February 2021 - Tag : Climate agriculture, climate crisis
Montreal, September 10th 2019 - Rising up to the climate crisis, unions, students, non- governmental groups, health professionals and environmental groups are calling on mass civil society across Quebec to participate in the Global Climate strike on September 27th, 2019.
Communiqué - 10 September 2019 - Tag : climate crisis, Organization, strike