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The My Electric Bus project seeks to raise awareness about electric school buses among the various players in the school transportation sector (drivers and school board managers). Through the development of educational tools and through dialogue and training, the campaign mobilizes the various stakeholders and supports them in the transition to electric school transportation.
Solution - 21 May 2021 - Tag : electric bus, My electric bus, Organization
SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION ELECTRIFICATION - A WIN-WIN Quebec must reduce the environmental impact of its fleet of vehicles, and one way to do so is to decarbonize school transportation. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the school bus fleet, the shift to electric buses also improves air quality and living conditions. It also contributes to Quebec's economic...
Solution - 21 May 2021 - Tag : electric bus, Organization
School transport 101 In Quebec, 8,000 school buses take about 500,000 children to school and home again every day. These children spend on average 180 hours on buses during the school year. By the time they finish high school, they will have spent over 2,000 hours on buses.
Actualité - 31 August 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, Clean transportation, electric bus, Electric vehicles