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Electric vehicles

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Learn about the different types of electric vehicles, battery charging options, costs and potential savings, operating range, environmental impact and energy consumption.             What are the different types of electric vehicles? There are four types of vehicles that rely on electric components at the level of either the engine, the braking...
Solution - 31 August 2017 - Tag : Electric vehicles, Electrifying encounters, Transportation
Équiterre is actively engaged in the effort to raise public awareness of the benefits of transportation electrification and, especially, to demystify electric vehicles. Équiterre’s Electrifying Encounters campaign has allowed thousands of Quebecers in all regions of the province to experience electric vehicles through educational activities and test drives. take part in...
Solution - 31 August 2017 - Tag : Electric vehicles, Electrifying encounters, Organization
Équiterre released on May 29th at the Electric Mobility Conference in Toronto a new report showing the potential impact of a national zero-emission vehicle mandate in Canada. The report ''Accelerating the transition to electric mobility in Canada : The case for a zero-emission vehicle mandate'' was commissioned by Équitterre to Navius Research and Simon Fraser University...
Actualité - 31 May 2017 - Tag : Advocacy, Electric vehicles, Electrification of transportation
Popular events Équiterre and partners were recently in the city of Saint-Jérôme—the heart of transportation electrification in Quebec—for the last stop of the Rendez-vous branchés’ second tour. We also visited Pointe aux Trembles in Montreal, Lévis, Victoriaville and Magog this autumn.
Actualité - 14 December 2015 - Tag : Electric vehicles, Transportation
Magog’s Rendez-vous branché—in collaboration with the Electric Circuit and Association des véhicules électriques du Québec (AVÉQ) and the Carrefour Santé Globale— last Saturday was a great success. More than 300 citizens and stakeholders involved in transportation electrification and local organic food initiatives attended.
Actualité - 15 September 2015 - Tag : Electric vehicles, Transportation
Why not attend a happening get-together near you this fall? It’s a perfect opportunity to test drive a fully electric vehicle (EV) with its owner and get answers to any questions you have about this sustainable form of transportation!
AN EXTENSIVE NETWORK FOR RUNNING ON QUEBEC-GENERATED ENERGY Electric vehicle charging stations are now part of the Quebec landscape. With over 600 public charging stations, EV drivers can travel anxiety free. The Electric Circuit, powered by Hydro-Québec, is the most extensive system of public charging stations in Canada, with over 400 stations operating in 15 regions of...
As well as having undeniable environmental benefits, electric vehicles (EVs) are more economical than gas-powered vehicles. You can save up to $1,500 a year on fuel alone. EV insurance and vehicle maintenance are also much cheaper. Not convinced? Check out this snapshot of potential savings. Want some answers to frequently asked questions about EVs? Take a look at this short...
Our all-new campaign busts the myths about electric vehicles (EVs) and is raising awareness about the benefits of transportation electrification.
Rendez-vous branchés, our test-drive and information series on electric vehicles, ended on a positive note this week in Quebec City.
Actualité - 15 November 2014 - Tag : Electric vehicles, Organization