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Engaged citizenry

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Winter is well on its way. Snow was forecast for the first time last weekend—you may have watched some of the early flakes fall. Here are three ways to winterize your home and save energy.      
Actualité - 1 November 2018 - Tag : Engaged citizenry, Green Home Resources, Solution citoyenne, Winter
During this provincial election campaign, environmental groups and citizens have worked together to make the environment a central issue.
Actualité - 28 September 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, elections, Engaged citizenry
Like thousands of your fellow citizens, you want the environment to figure more prominently in the campaign priorities of our political parties, and rightly so! People often forget that environmental issues are human issues, affecting our health, our quality of life, the well-being of our communities, our local economies and our families. That’s precisely why Vire au...
Actualité - 13 July 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, elections, Engaged citizenry, Vire au vert
Équiterre is proud to be part of the Front commun pour la transition énergétique [united front for energy transition], officially launched last Tuesday in Montreal. This historic alliance brings together more than 160 citizen, environmental and Native groups from across the province.
Actualité - 13 October 2015 - Tag : Climate change, Engaged citizenry, Organization, Partners
Montrealers, was "volunteer more" one of your New Year's resolutions?
Actualité - 6 January 2014 - Tag : Action groups, Engaged citizenry, Volunteers
Do these people look familiar to you? You may have seen them in a neighbourhood near you: A dedicated team of people who care about the environment as much as you, combing the streets of Montreal and Quebec City in search of new members and donors.  As you may know, donations are essential to Equiterre. They ensure us financial independence, so that we can continue to...
Actualité - 12 September 2012 - Tag : Changing the world, Engaged citizenry, Give time, One step at a time
Quebec's largest awareness-raising and mobilization campaign in the fight against climate change is back for a 5th edition. You can now commit to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions even further while improving your health and giving your wallet a break, by making a pledge in the following categories:
Fair Trade Fortnight is a chance for businesses and private citizens to show their support for small producers in other countries.
Congratulations to the approximately 300,000 people who gathered in Montreal for Earth Day - as well as to those who celebrated across the province. This historic event demonstrates the desire for change on the part of the Quebec population and the high level of interest in environmental issues. You can still show your support for the movement, by signing the declaration,...
Actualité - 23 April 2012 - Tag : Advocacy, Engaged citizenry
Once a year, Montrealers gather for the Corvée du Mont-Royal clean-up, which has enabled 11,800 people do something meaningful for their mountain since 1990. The first Sunday each May, people help: plant native trees and shrubs remove invasive exotic plants pick up litter from the forest floor assess success of previous years' plantings Volunteers needed!
Événement - 10 April 2012 - Tag : Advocacy, Engaged citizenry, Miscellaneous, Volunteering