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Environmental groups

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Experts from the public health, non-profit and consumer goods sectors will be sharing their take on the future and current state of this health issue. This round table discussion will be preceded by a public lecture from guest speaker Ken Cook, President and Co-founder of the Environmental Working Group, entitled “Rethinking Cancer and the Environment.”
Événement - 1 March 2018 - Tag : Cancer, Environmental groups, Partners Activities, Public Intervention
It’s impossible to meet Canada’s Paris climate commitment using ‘business as usual’ evaluation
RRSP season is over, so you may be thinking less about investment, but Spring is a busy time for many responsible investing fund companies. It is the time when a lot of corporate annual general meetings happen, which means it is a time that investors are able to vote on a certain number of issues related to the company management (in publicly traded companies).
14 April 2015 (Quebec City) - Environmental groups from across Canada are pleased to see some of Canada's provincial premiers working together to tackle the critical issue of climate change and that the provinces recognize the importance of moving towards a low carbon economy and of putting a price on carbon. The groups are excited some provinces are already moving forward...
Environmentalists don't have an image problem in Quebec, according to the television show Les Verts contre-attaquent, which will be releasing the full results of its new Leger survey on the topic tonight at 7:30 on Télé-Québec.