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Mr. Trudeau, with the holiday season nearly upon us, Équiterre has made a wish list to strengthen the newly proposed Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act (Bill C-12).
Actualité - 8 December 2020 - Tag : Climate change, Climate change, federal government
Équiterre welcomes the federal government’s new Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act. "It’s significant that the Canadian government now recognizes the need for greater accountability and transparency in the fight against climate change," says Marc-André Viau, Director of Government Relations at Équiterre.
Actualité - 19 November 2020 - Tag : Climate change, federal government
In the federal government’s Speech from the Throne on September 23, the energy transition and the environment were named as drivers of the post-COVID recovery. This is encouraging news, but concrete measures can no longer be put off. We’re happy with the announcement that the planned recovery will be green and equitable, but we must now insist that the government...
Actualité - 1 October 2020 - Tag : Climate change, federal government
Équiterre will evaluate the environmental ambitions announced by the Trudeau government on Wednesday in its Speech from the Throne based on the concrete measures that will be put forward in the coming months.
Actualité - 23 September 2020 - Tag : Climate change, federal government
NEW POLL: CANADIANS WANT TO END PUBLIC SUBSIDIES FOR OIL AND GAS COMPANIES A large majority of Canadians are opposed to public money being used to support oil and gas companies and want to see fossil fuel subsidies phased out Broad national support for ending public subsidies to oil and gas companies demonstrates that the federal government should use its G7 chairmanship to...
Communiqué - 4 June 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, federal government
Like you, we were shocked and scandalized by the Trudeau government’s decision to purchase Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. The billions of taxpayer dollars to be invested in this project do not in any way address the national interest. Quite the contrary, this decision will prevent good jobs from being created in the renewable energy sector and green...
Actualité - 31 May 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, federal government
Interview with Sidney Ribaux, Équiterre’s Co-Founder and Executive Director Listen to the interview on Radio Canada’s 15-18 program. Watch the interview on CPAC, the Canadian Parliamentary Affairs Channel. 
Actualité - 15 February 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, Climate change, Environment minister, federal government
At the One Planet Summit in Paris this week, the World Bank announced that it would stop investing in fossil fuels after 2019.
Actualité - 15 December 2017 - Tag : Advocacy, federal government, subsidies
ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE, ECOJUSTICE, DAVID SUZUKI FOUNDATION, ÉQUITERRE, AND THE CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSICIANS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Environment minister’s commitment to consider changes to Canada’s toxics law is on the right track. Environmental and health groups urge Ottawa to act quickly to modernize the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.
Communiqué - 11 October 2017 - Tag : Advocacy, federal government, Toxic substances
This Op-Ed by Dr. Elaine MacDonald (senior scientist and program director of healthy communities at Ecojustice Canada) and Muhannad Malas (toxics program manager at Environmental Defence in Toronto) was originally published on June 19th in the Hill Times at this url
Actualité - 19 June 2017 - Tag : Advocacy, environmental defence, federal government