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Greenhouse gas emissions

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Équiterre, along with several mobility stakeholders, will be launching a major province-wide research and awareness campaign on electric assist bicycles (EABs) in the coming months. The campaign will seek to reduce the modal share of cars and the associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of daily commutes. Read the full press release >>
Actualité - 19 May 2021 - Tag : Greenhouse gas emissions, Organization
“Would you like to carbon-offset your flight?”; “This event is carbon-neutral.”; “They offered me a carbon offset as a gift!”. In all likelihood you’ve heard or read about carbon offsetting these past few years.
Actualité - 2 April 2019 - Tag : Carbon market, Greenhouse gas emissions, Responsible consumption
Ottawa, march 9, 2018 – The federal government must immediately close loopholes and rein in carbon emissions from oil and gas companies, say a broad cross- section of Canada’s major environmental groups.
Communiqué - 9 March 2018 - Tag : Advocacy, Climate change, Greenhouse gas emissions
Follow Équiterre at COP23, November 6-17 in Bonn, Germany, which will bring together nearly 20,000 participants from more than 180 countries around the fight against climate change, one of the major challenges of our era.
In four days, we’ll have the chance to do something that could really make a difference to our planet. To help you make your choice, Équiterre and Environmental Defence have compared the main parties’ environmental commitments. Take a look at our analysis of the main federal parties’ platforms today! Analyse partis
Actualité - 15 October 2015 - Tag : Individuals, Climate change, elections, Greenhouse gas emissions
You may have heard that Quebec is replacing its Public Transit Policy with a new Sustainable Mobility Policy. Groups across the province made suggestions for the plan during public consultations earlier this year. Here is what we had to say. Quebec needs:
Montreal, August 8, 2012 – Equiterre is dismayed by the federal government’s claim that its approach alone accounts for reported reductions in greenhouse gas emissions over the past year. Equiterre wishes to emphasize that the federal government has implemented no measures or action plans and passed no regulations to fight climate change during this period.
Communiqué - 8 August 2012 - Tag : Greenhouse gas emissions