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Member meetup

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All members of Équiterre are invited to Équiterre’s Annual General Meetings on Tuesday, April 23 in Quebec City and on Thursday, April 25 in Montreal at the Centre of Sustainable Development. In this year of youth climate action, we hope to have good representation from our new generation of environmentalists.
Actualité - 1 April 2019 - Tag : Advocacy, Member meetup
We’re still recharging our batteries after the harsh winter, so this month Équiterre is encouraging you to do one simple thing: use your citizen power and take part in the democratic life of Équiterre! Strengthen your commitment to the environment in this election year by giving greater political weight to your ideals in two easy steps:
Actualité - 29 March 2018 - Tag : elections, Member meetup, Organization
At the annual member meetups held this week in Quebec City and Montreal, Équiterre paid tribute to former senior director Isabelle St Germain and former board chair Clément Guimond by making them honorary members. Équiterre would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of these two visionaries over the years and hope they will remain involved in the organization.
Actualité - 1 May 2017 - Tag : Member meetup, Organization
Much more than just an annual general meeting Dear members, as the driving force behind Équiterre’s grassroots movement, you are invited to the 2017 members meetup. It’s an opportunity to meet the team, ask questions, participate in Équiterre’s democratic life, get together with fellow members and activists, elect representatives to the board and hear a talk...
Actualité - 15 April 2016 - Tag : Member meetup, Organization
The Équiterre member meetup took place this week. The highlight of the year for the 12,000 Équiterre members was an opportunity to report on activities undertaken, elect three new members to the board and discuss the action plan for next year. The year 2015 will be another year marked by climate change issues especially with the next United Nations Convention on Climate Change...
Actualité - 30 April 2015 - Tag : 2014, Annual Report, Member meetup, Organization, Public Intervention
This year our two member meetups will be a chance to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a force for environmental good in Quebec and beyond. We would love to see you there. Because we couldn't have done any of it without you! Your support means everything to us. Reserve the dates: 
Actualité - 7 March 2013 - Tag : Board of directors, Member meetup, Organization