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Oil sands

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It’s impossible to meet Canada’s Paris climate commitment using ‘business as usual’ evaluation
More than sixty groups across Canada are asking the National Energy Board (NEB) to close TransCanada’s Energy East application and keep it closed until the broken federal regulatory process is fixed. Groups, including environmental, civic, arts, justice and peace organizations, sent their request in a letter to NEB chair Peter Watson asking that TransCanada’s new,...
Montreal, June 2, 2014 -The Goodman Group, Ltd., a consulting firm specializing in energy economics, in collaboration with Greenpeace and Équiterre, has released a report that demolishes the oil industry's claims regarding economic benefits for Quebec of moving and refining tar sands crudes. The report, entitled “Economics of Transporting and Processing Tar Sands...
Communiqué - 2 June 2014 - Tag : Advocacy, Fight against climate change, Oil sands