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Organic baskets

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Organic summer baskets delivered near you: There’s still time to sign up! There is still time to register for your organic baskets from the Family Farmers Network, which was put in place almost 25 years ago by Équiterre! And when you register, you will have a chance to win one of several prizes being offered in the My Farmer, My Planet contest!
Actualité - 16 May 2019 - Tag : Family farmers network, Organic baskets
You’re already well aware that getting organic baskets from the Family Farmers Network is good for your health and good for the local economy. But have you realized to what extent choosing to subscribe for organic basket has a positive impact on the environment? Discover how our family farmers’ agricultural practices and the short distribution circuit contribute to...
Actualité - 14 March 2019 - Tag : Family farmers network, Organic baskets
Soup and comfort food season is upon us! Squash, leaks, cabbage, beets… Équiterre’s family farmers’ organic baskets continue to deliver local organic vegetables into the fall, throughout the winter and right through spring for some farmers.
Local organic food makes its debut at CHU Sainte-Justine Eating healthy food and supporting Quebec’s family farmers
Back-to-school season is in full swing and parents are stocking up on school supplies again. This year, 75 schools across Quebec have committed to making children more aware of the importance of local organic food by taking part in Équiterre’s Schools Take Root campaign.     
When you sign up for an organic basket, you get a lot more than just vegetables. You reconnect with nature every week all summer by receiving fresh, local and organic vegetables—a bit like having a vegetable garden near your home. You pick up your vegetables as if you were going to the supermarket, but we’ve done the math, and in 2016, an...
Actualité - 29 June 2017 - Tag : Organic baskets, Paniers bio
We know that eating local organic food benefits our health, the environment and the local economy. But some people are still hesitant to sign up for an organic basket from one of Équiterre’s family farmers for a season. If you have any doubts, reading these 7 points will put them to rest! SUBSCRIBE HERE
For over 20 years, Équiterre family farmers’ organic baskets have marked the arrival of warm, sunny days.  
Équiterre’s organic baskets: A sign that summer is right around the corner! This pioneering initiative continues to grow, driven by the enthusiasm of a new generation of family farmers   
Communiqué - 10 April 2017 - Tag : Advocacy, Organic agriculture, Organic baskets, Organic farm