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Organic meat

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Sad that summer basket season is almost over? Don't despair. Sign up for your winter basket today.
What you want: a healthy summer. What you don't want: to get holier-than-thou about it. One solution? Just keep it simple. Biking with the kids... Organic food on the BBQ... Drinks with a local twist (see recipe below)!
"The moment of excitement: the last meat deliveries before Christmas! Jean-Pierre graciously steps aside and lets Santa Claus take over for the day. We don't know where Jean-Pierre disappears to, but we have always been impressed with how well Santa seems to know our drop-off route.
Did you love getting a basket of fresh fruit and vegetables this summer? Or are you just hearing about our family farmer program for the first time? Either way, we have good news: another delivery season is about to begin! In fact, 96 drop-off points will be open this winter for residents across Quebec and in the Ottawa area.  What kind of vegetables can you expect to...