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Family farmers network

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We’ve put together an e-book* with 20 recipes from our top 20 celebrities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our organic baskets! It’s ready to print or download to your preferred e-reading device. You’ll soon be on your way to making recipes by celebrity fans of healthy, local, organic food, including Christian Bégin, Josée Di Stasio, Karim Ouellet and...
Actualité - 15 July 2017 - Tag : family farmers network, Family farmers network, recipe
Holding a rural festival on food self-sufficiency and sovereignty, developing a land bank, making the first Acadian kombucha, raising livestock, and growing organic fruits and vegetables are all activities that the incredible team at Ferme Terre Partagée in New Brunswick juggle brilliantly. We’re very proud to have Kevin, Rébeka and their team in Équiterre’s...
Actualité - 13 July 2017 - Tag : family farmers network, Family farmers network
We know that eating local organic food benefits our health, the environment and the local economy. But some people are still hesitant to sign up for an organic basket from one of Équiterre’s family farmers for a season. If you have any doubts, reading these 7 points will put them to rest! SUBSCRIBE HERE
Much to the delight of both youngsters and their parents, another farm will be transformed into a playground this summer when Farm to School Québec holds its bilingual day camp for ages 6 to 13 at Quinn Farm in Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot.
Actualité - 14 April 2017 - Tag : Educational activities, Family farmers network, Summer camp
For over 20 years, Équiterre family farmers’ organic baskets have marked the arrival of warm, sunny days.  
Salads, soups, bakes, gratins, chips, tarts, purées, pies, pancakes and strattas—What fun we had fun celebrating the 20th anniversary of Équiterre’s family farmer organic basket program!
Actualité - 14 February 2017 - Tag : Family farmers network, Local food
Make a simple, positive New Year’s resolution that will delight your taste buds: sign up for an organic basket. You’ll get to enjoy pesticide-free food while supporting local farmers and the local economy.
Actualité - 11 January 2017 - Tag : Family farmers network, Local food, Sustainable agriculture
Montreal, November 17, 2016 – Two Montreal schools have chosen to innovate this year by launching a new type of fundraising activity for their projects. Thanks to the project Schools Take Root: For Healthy, Local and Sustainable Food, these schools are giving youngsters and their parents a chance to discover the surprising and delicious root vegetables of Quebec.
Communiqué - 17 November 2016 - Tag : Family farmers network, Organic baskets, Sustainable cafeterias
Registration for 2016–2017 winter baskets are open! “Eating local organic produce all year round has never been easier with family farmers!” says Isabelle Joncas, project manager of Équiterre’s family farmer network. “In winter, it’s a real challenge to find a variety of organic vegetables in Quebec.
The family farmer organic basket 20th anniversary celebrations are still in full swing with delicious new recipes from celebrities! Fanny Bloom, Christian Bégin, Jérôme Ferrer and Chantal Fontaine are the latest celebrities to take part in our summer recipe challenge. Make the most of the remaining summer days and enjoy simple, delicious recipes made with fresh, colourful,...