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Changing the world

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Were you upset by Canada's announcement that it would not be signing onto the second phase of Kyoto? Let the federal government know! Take part in a demonstration on December 10 at Place du Canada in Montreal organized by the Association québécoise de lutte à la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA) and other partners.
Événement - 7 December 2011 - Tag : Changing the world, Kyoto Protocol, Partners Activities
For young and old. You provide the ideas. We provide the material. The result? One of a kind wrapping paper that you get to take home.  WHEN On December 10, 11, 17 and 18: at 1 p.m. in French at 2 p.m. in English  WHERE Biosphère 160, chemin Tour-de-l'Isle Île Sainte-Hélène Montréal For more information 514-283-5000
Leaflets condemning Canada for negotiating in bad faith circulated yesterday in Durban, South Africa, marking the arrival of Canada's Environment Minister Peter Kent at the UN climate talks underway until December 9.
Actualité - 7 December 2011 - Tag : Changing the world, Kyoto Protocol, Peter Kent
Is Christmas a holiday that you celebrate, but with a feeling of deep reservation, even guilt, at the consumer excess and waste? Don't feel bad.  There's hope. You can give the season new meaning by choosing new traditions that reflect your true values. Here are some ideas to get you started. Share them with your friends and family. Who knows, you may even spark a...
Budding activists, this new how-to guide* is for you! It demystifies the world of activism and gives tips on how to get involved locally. It answers these questions:  Why get involved? What are the different ways to get involved? How to choose the right cause for you? Forum jeunesse will launch Prends ta on December 7 at the Centre for Sustainable...
The Forum des artisans du changement is your chance to discover inspiring actions and to connect with other agents of change in the province.  Talks on:
Événement - 14 November 2011 - Tag : Changing the world, Miscellaneous, One step at a time, Social movement
Free write-a-thon to mark Human Rights Day.  Each year, more than 775 cities around the world, including a dozen in Quebec, take part to: demand the release of prisoners of conscience support victims of human rights violations support defenders of human rights Actress Geneviève Rochette is the Quebec spokesperson this year.  Drop by for as long as you...
As part of a symposium on the future of social democracy in Quebec, Laure Waridel will be at the SAT (Society for Arts and Technology) on October 24 to discuss the economy. Laure Waridel and the other panelists will speak on two main issues:
Join us for an evening of culinary delights made with local food to celebrate our move to the Centre for Sustainable Development and to raise money for our future projects. Help us continue our work towards a society that is sustainable and fair! Tickets are on sale now. We issue charitable receipts. Hope to see you at 6 p.m. on October 6 at the Centre CDP Capital.
Actualité - 22 September 2011 - Tag : Changing the world, Fundraising, Grand Benefit Cocktails, Local food
The CIVICUS World Assembly is a global gathering for civil society, donors, governments and businesses to find common solutions to the challenges facing humanity. The key objective of the World Assembly is to address global participatory governance by opening a meeting space for all members, collaborators and friends of the CIVICUS community to work to improve governance and...