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by Amélie Côté, Équiterre’s Analyst in responsible consumption and reduction at source, Équiterre Quebec’s waste management system is a major collective failure. But the good news is that we are not doomed to bury our heads in the sand… or our garbage in ever-expanding landfill sites.
Actualité - 24 May 2021 - Tag : BAPE, organisme, residual waste
 Stephanie joined the communications team in February 2021 as Administrative Assistant, Communications and Event Management.
Employé, Conférencier ou Membre honoraire - 15 February 2021 - Tag : organisme, Communications
Chloé has been a graphic designer at Équiterre since 2020.  
Employé, Conférencier ou Membre honoraire - 15 February 2021 - Tag : organisme, Communications
Publication - 30 November 2020 - Tag : low-carbon, organisme
Équiterre is an important player in the fight against climate change and biological collapse, seeking to make the necessary collective transitions towards a desirable, equitable and environmentally sound future more tangible, accessible and inspiring. These major societal transitions are based on how we feed ourselves, how we move around and how we reprioritize and recreate...
Emploi Stage Bénévolat Appel - 23 March 2020 - Tag : organisme, Tender Offer
  Montreal, January 30, 2020 – Équiterre welcomes the Quebec government’s ambitious plans to expand the deposit refund system in the province. By expanding the system to all ready-to-drink containers between 100 millilitres and 2 litres, whether plastic, glass or metal, a significantly greater amount of materials will be recuperated. This much awaited...
Communiqué - 30 January 2020 - Tag : deposit refund system, organisme
Madrid, Spain, December 15, 2019 – Statement from Catherine Abreu, Executive Director of Climate Action Network Canada upon the completion of UN climate negotiations (COP25) in Madrid. “You know something is broken when those demanding climate justice are pushed outside of the climate conference – as hundreds were this week – and those delaying climate...
Communiqué - 16 December 2019 - Tag : COP25, organisme
The issue of pesticides has received unprecedented media coverage in Quebec these past few months, which has led to the creation of a parliamentary committee (CAPERN) to look into the issue this fall. The committee, made up of members of the National Assembly, will be tasked with examining the impacts of pesticides on public health and the environment, exploring innovative...
Actualité - 3 October 2019 - Tag : organisme, Pesticides
Le présent rapport se penche sur le bilan de sécurité du transport pétrolier par oléoducs au Canada, de même que sur l’efficacité des mesures d’application des lois et des règlements qu’utilisent les paliers fédéral et provincial pour assurer la sécurité pipelinière.
Publication - 17 July 2018 - Tag : organisme, Pipelines