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This fall, Équiterre is actively involved in two major rounds of public consultations that will play a key role in helping Quebec’s meet its greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets, particularly in the transportation sector. The first is for the government’s future Electrification and Climate Change Plan (ECCP), and the second focuses on funding for the Sustainable...
Actualité - 23 October 2019 - Tag : Organization, Transportation
A few weeks ago, Hydro-Quebec made the decision to cede its land in Beauharnois so that Google could build a data center on it. A land-use decision worthy of another era and yet another example to add to the long list of poorly thought out projects in Quebec that have caused the disappearance of some 35,000 hectares of land over the past 20 years. A government corporation...
Actualité - 31 May 2021 - Tag : Farmland, Hydro-Québec, Organization
We recently launched a major campaign with several partners opposing a tunnel construction project which makes no sense from a financial, environmental or land use standpoint. The 3e lien project would build a tunnel to connect the south and north shores of the St. Lawrence River between Quebec City and Lévis to the tune of $10 billion taxpayer dollars.
Actualité - 31 May 2021 - Tag : Construction waste, Organization
Not so long ago, communities were built around the core of a town - the school, post office, church and local businesses, which were surrounded by homes and farms. The proximity to services allowed for most people to get around on foot, which in many cases helped to create a vibrant local economy and a resilient community spirit.
Actualité - 31 May 2021 - Tag : Land use, Organization
photo credit : Mélissa de La Fontaine Brief: La réduction à la source et le réemploi au coeur des solutions pour diminuer le recours à l’élimination au Québec
Actualité - 25 May 2021 - Tag : BAPE, garbage crisis, Organization, residual waste
  Photo credit : Mélissa de La Fontaine Montreal, May 25, 2021 - Équiterre will present its brief tonight at the Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environnement (BAPE) hearings on residual waste, highlighting the need for an in-depth overhaul of Quebec's waste management action plan.
Communiqué - 25 May 2021 - Tag : Organization, Waste of resources
The My Electric Bus project seeks to raise awareness about electric school buses among the various players in the school transportation sector (drivers and school board managers). Through the development of educational tools and through dialogue and training, the campaign mobilizes the various stakeholders and supports them in the transition to electric school transportation.
Solution - 21 May 2021 - Tag : electric bus, My electric bus, Organization
SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION ELECTRIFICATION - A WIN-WIN Quebec must reduce the environmental impact of its fleet of vehicles, and one way to do so is to decarbonize school transportation. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the school bus fleet, the shift to electric buses also improves air quality and living conditions. It also contributes to Quebec's economic...
Solution - 21 May 2021 - Tag : electric bus, Organization
Équiterre, along with several mobility stakeholders, will be launching a major province-wide research and awareness campaign on electric assist bicycles (EABs) in the coming months. The campaign will seek to reduce the modal share of cars and the associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of daily commutes. Read the full press release >>
Actualité - 19 May 2021 - Tag : Greenhouse gas emissions, Organization