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2019 proved to be an important year of transition for Équiterre and for the environmental movement. Public opinion is evolving and people are becoming more mobilized. However, at the time when this annual report is being published, much has changed. Here we are in 2020, where the current crisis is making us rethink everything we take for granted. While this annual report is...
Actualité - 11 May 2020 - Tag : Annual Report, Organization
Équiterre’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an opportunity for our members to exchange with each other and with Équiterre staff members, to ask questions and to participate in the democratic life of the organization.
Solution - 8 April 2020 - Tag : AGA, Organization
Reflections to try to see things more clearly At the end of the first long week of working from home, walking my dog after putting our two young boys to bed, I turned the corner back onto our street and saw the bright star that always leads us home from my son’s daycare during the winter months. I stopped and looked further up. Never had I seen so many stars in Verdun,...
Actualité - 31 March 2020 - Tag : Changing, Organization
Thank you for supporting Équiterre’s work to mobilize, educate and create awareness about environmental issues. The majority of our funding comes from donations from individuals, for which we are infinitely grateful.
Actualité - 30 March 2020 - Tag : Donations, Organization
 Dear friends, Équiterre’s entire team is working from home, as I’m sure are most of you. It’s a strange feeling to not see those familiar faces, share ideas and dreams in the halls, to simply not be in direct contact with my colleagues. I’m sure you’re experiencing similar feelings. But my colleagues are all there, active and engaged,...
Actualité - 20 March 2020 - Tag : Organization, Solidarity
Dear friend, In but a few short weeks, the Coronavirus has imposed itself in our lives, hitting thousands of individuals hard and shaking up our society. My thoughts are with all those affected, here and elsewhere. I am proud to see how seriously Quebec is responding. We are listening to the scientists and taking action in an enlightened and concerted manner. The...
Actualité - 16 March 2020 - Tag : Organization, Solidarity
Équiterre is Quebec’s most important and influential environmental organization. With 130,000 followers, 27,000 members, 200 volunteers and a staff of 80, Équiterre is the most influential and important environmental organization in Quebec.The dedication and enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers make Équiterre a pleasant and stimulating workplace, which encourages...
Emploi Stage Bénévolat Appel - 2 March 2020 - Tag : Organization, Job Offer
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Divers - 20 January 2020 - Tag : Monthly e-letter, Organization