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Protection de l'environnement

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By the end of March, Justin Trudeau's government will present its first budget since the 2019 election. Right now, Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland is deciding how to allocate billions of our tax dollars! This is a decisive moment for our collective future. Will public funds be wasted on polluting industries or will they be invested in bettering our societies and...
Actualité - 8 March 2021 - Tag : Gouvernement fédéral, Protection de l'environnement
To increase our collective resilience and prevent other crises, we must remain vigilant and reactive on the political front. Here is an overview of some of the environmental issues that will keep Équiterre very busy in the coming months.       1. Fighting the GNL Québec project  
Actualité - 2 February 2021 - Tag : Monthly e-letter, Protection de l'environnement
Here we are, at the start of a new year. 2020 taught us a lot. It changed our perspectives and our priorities and made us realize that deep and systemic change is possible. It’s in fact more than possible - it’s necessary. Thanks to you, thanks to our wonderful community of members, supporters, partners, employees and volunteers, Équiterre was able to take...
Actualité - 18 December 2020 - Tag : Monthly e-letter, Protection de l'environnement
Colleen Thorpe, Équiterre’s Executive Director, shares her vision of happiness - as a leader, mother and citizen. Question: We’re hearing more and more about the “happiness economy”. But what exactly is it?
Actualité - 3 December 2020 - Tag : Protection de l'environnement, Resilience