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Car companies like to make big promises of an electric vehicle (EV) future. Meanwhile, they are working hard to sell millions of highly polluting – and highly profitable – SUVs and pickup trucks.
Actualité - 17 June 2021 - Tag : Electrification of transportation, Transportation
Montreal, June 16 2021 – A new Équiterre study, conducted by the Centre interuniversitaire de recherche en analyse des organisations (CIRANO), looks at what motivates Canadian consumers when it comes to buying light-duty trucks, particularly sport utility vehicles (SUVs).
Communiqué - 16 June 2021 - Tag : Sustainable mobility, Transportation
While Canada has committed to the Paris Agreement and presents itself as an international climate leader, the country remains one of the largest polluters per capita in the world and is not on track to meet its various greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets.
Actualité - 30 March 2021 - Tag : Rapport VUS, Transportation
To mark the launch of a new study titled “The Rise of Light-Duty Trucks in Canada: Reversing the Trend“ on the increase in fuel-inefficient vehicles in the Canadian fleet, Équiterre ​hosted a webinar in order to present the results.
Actualité - 29 March 2021 - Tag : Transportation, VUS
Reducing vehicle emissions without putting more of a burden on public finances: it’s possible, with a feebate system, a policy tool studied by Équiterre and Horizon Advisors in their new report, The Road Ahead to Low-Carbon Mobility: a Feebate System for Canada’s Light-Duty Vehicle Segment.
Actualité - 23 November 2020 - Tag : Clean transportation, Transportation
The 2nd edition of Quebec’s Electric Vehicle Week (EV Week Quebec) will get started on Monday, October 19, with actor/playwright Christine Beaulieu as spokesperson once again. This year’s activities and events will be held virtually.
Actualité - 16 October 2020 - Tag : Electric vehicles, Transportation
Équiterre welcomes the Ontario and federal governments' announcement regarding the investment in Ford's Oakville plant, breathing new life into Canada’s automotive sector, which has been on the decline for the past 20 years. The announcement however, must be part of a more comprehensive electrification plan in order to reach its full potential.
Actualité - 8 October 2020 - Tag : Electrification of transportation, Transportation
As the public health crisis is pushing governments to work towards an economic recovery, electrification of our transportation systems constitutes a winning strategy, allowing us to not only reduce the environmental footprint of the cars on the road but also help develop an industrial sector which could potentially create a significant number of quality jobs.
Actualité - 29 May 2020 - Tag : Electric vehicles, Transportation
The idea of relying less on your car or even going without one entirely might be a scary prospect for some, but test-driving the idea for a month during these unprecedented times could prove a very worthwhile and profitable option! It might even convince you to opt for a car-free lifestyle. Did you know that 30% of Quebecers live fewer than 5 km from their workplace*? And yet...
Actualité - 29 May 2020 - Tag : Sustainable mobility, Transportation
 By Jessie Pelchat The current crisis has raised numerous transportation issues. Équiterre is working hard to keep up the pressure on the government and and to offer concrete solutions to build on the progress that has been made in sustainable mobility. How can we transform the negative news into positive news, and how can we make the most of improvements in certain modes...
Actualité - 29 May 2020 - Tag : Sustainable mobility, Transportation