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Renewable energy

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If governments did more to fight global warming, the benefits would include cleaner air, improved public health and innovation, respondents say in a national survey.  
Communiqué - 5 December 2016 - Tag : Advocacy, Clean energy, Climate change, Renewable energy
“The future lies in renewable energies,” declared Mario Plourde, Cascade’s President and CEO and honorary president of Equiterre’s fifth Quebec City Benefit Cocktail, held at the Quebec National Assembly on September 27.
Renewable energies are booming! Come to our benefit cocktail events in Quebec City and Montreal, and find out how Quebec and Canada have become leaders in clean energy. Learn more about our energy potential, the positive impact of green energy on employment, the environment and the economy, as well as local initiatives. Book now to be part of this pioneering event.
This fall has been difficult for my mother. She lost two of her closest sisters, little sister Lise and big sister Françoise. I went to Françoise's funeral last Saturday with my wife and our newest addition, Salvador, who is seven months old. We reflected on this woman's life – looking through old photos – and mourned her passing. When Françoise was born in 1932,...
Halifax, July 27th 2012 – The Council of the federation has concluded its work with a statement on a national energy strategy. This statement builds on a vision document adopted by the Council in 2007 which stipulated that any such strategy must tackle issues of sustainability and notably climate change. Steven Guilbeault, Cofounder and deputy executive director of...
Communiqué - 27 July 2012 - Tag : Renewable energy
A report from the International Energy Agency shows that global greenhouse gas emissions went up by 5% in 2010 to achieve a record high. This increase, which coincides with the economic recovery, is attributed to transportation and power. How does Canada compare with other emitters?  Not well, according to this interactive UNFCCC map. And the bad news gets even worse.
Actualité - 9 June 2011 - Tag : Advocacy, Greenhouse gases, Renewable energy
At a January 26 hearing of Quebec's environmental commission BAPE, we came out in favour of the Massif-du-Sud Wind Farm project. We see it as a viable source of renewable energy, with the potential to decrease Quebec's dependency on fossil fuels and help fight climate change. Our decision was affected by improvements to the original design, e.g., to lessen impact on songbird...