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Responsible consumption

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Are you curious about a more zero waste lifestyle? Have you ever thought about how much waste is created at sporting events? Well, for four years now, Équiterre’s Change the World Run has been setting the example as a 100% eco-friendly zero waste race. Water refill stations, no promotional items and zero waste prizes and kiosques are just the start of the guide to a zero...
Actualité - 28 February 2019 - Tag : Responsible consumption, Responsible consumption
OBSOLESCENCE: A NEW AREA OF FOCUS FOR ÉQUITERRE Alarmed by the phenomenon of overconsumption, Équiterre made a commitment in its 2017-2020 strategic plan to tackle the issue of obsolescence of consumer goods.
Solution - 24 October 2018 - Tag : Obsolescence, Purchasing, Responsible consumption
The Centre for Sustainable Development, Équiterre and the Association Québécoise zéro déchet invite you on November 1, 2018 at 5 pm to the kickoff event for Montreal’s Festival Zéro Déchet. The theme of the event is “Répare tes trucs” – fix your things instead of replacing them. During the event, you will have the chance to meet people who are...
Recharge your batteries this summer—literally and figuratively! It’s a common misconception that electric cars are designed just for driving around town and that there aren’t enough charging stations for longer trips. Not true! The charging network has expanded dramatically throughout Quebec and the rest of Canada in recent years and electric vehicles (EVs)...
In this post, we’d like to share Anne’s story, which brilliantly highlights an effective way to fight obsolescence—repairing! A few weeks ago, my faithful work companion—my laptop, not my cat—suddenly stopped and the screen went black while I was right in the middle of a project. I’ll spare you the details of my violent reaction.
Actualité - 13 April 2018 - Tag : Responsible consumption, Responsible consumption
Pssst! Local organic food lovers, if you sign up for a summer basket by April 15, you’ll have a chance to win exciting prizes!
The school break is coming up and many kids will be spending a lot of time playing. So we’d like to tell you about a few environmental and health issues linked to all those playthings our little—and big—ones love so much. Équiterre also wants to give you some great inexpensive and eco-friendly ideas for having fun.  
Actualité - 1 March 2018 - Tag : Buying local, Responsible consumption, Responsible consumption
Équiterre and outdoor retailer co-op MEC are proud to join forces again this year to fight climate change. We love winter and want to enjoy it for years to come!
Actualité - 15 February 2018 - Tag : Getting involved, Responsible consumption
Ever heard of kintsugi? It’s the Japanese art of repairing broken china or ceramics using a gold-based glue, which makes them more attractive and extends their life. What’s more, the Japanese value the restored objects more highly than the original ones. An interesting philosophy when you think that today, various marketing tactics are used to make us think...
Actualité - 1 February 2018 - Tag : Responsible consumption, Responsible consumption
Imagine a law that ensures products last for years and don’t wear out too soon. A world where products can be easily repaired. A society free of obsolescence—or almost. Like to join us in drafting provisions for this law? READY? LET’S GO! If we want to curb obsolescence, the law should focus not just on manufacturers and retailers, but consumers, too, as they...
Actualité - 29 November 2017 - Tag : Responsible consumption, Responsible consumption