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Winter is right around the corner, and you know what that means: time to winterize your home for the cold months ahead. It’s also a great opportunity to repair all the broken objects piled up around the house and in the shed—from your son’s coat lining to Gaston’s shovel handle.
Actualité - 1 November 2016 - Tag : Action of the month, Changing the world, One step at a time, Organization
Just over 160,000 weddings took place in Canada last year. Yes, you read that right. The average number of guests at each was about 130. Do the math and you’ll see that 20 million Canadians attend weddings every year. This activity can potentially leave a significant environmental footprint! By making certain choices, you can ensure that this event—a day your...
Équiterre’s 2015 online auction ended on Friday, June 5 at 8 p.m. Thanks to the many generous donors, we reached our goal and raised $11,354! We’re delighted with the outcome. The funds raised will help finance various projects and support our work on climate change, sustainable transportation, local organic food and fair trade. With such a positive result, there...
Actualité - 15 June 2015 - Tag : Auction, One step at a time, Organization
Équiterre's second online auction is off to a great start! Since May 15, the auction has raised over $10,000 to help fund various Équiterre projects. We're delighted! Why not treat yourself, while supporting our work on important projects like climate change, sustainable development, local organic food and fair trade? Auction items include:
Canada is one of the biggest consumers of energy per capita in the world. Winter is no excuse. Northern European countries like Denmark use 250% less electricity than we do. According to Hydro-Québec, heating accounts for 54% of our hydro bills, followed by:
Actualité - 15 November 2014 - Tag : Changing the world, Energy efficiency, One step at a time
If there is one month where fresh fruits and vegetables abound in Quebec, it is September! This is a great time of year to try your hand at buying local produce. Once you get started, you won't want to stop. It just may become a year-long habit.
Actualité - 29 August 2014 - Tag : Changing the world, Eat local, One step at a time
Chances are that if you've followed the news this summer, you've heard about neonics, AKA bee-killing pesticides. These pesticides have been banned temporarily for some uses in Europe, but are still widely used in Canada for agricultural purposes, especially on corn. Did you know that neonics can also be found in products intended for use on your lawn, in particular to treat...
Actualité - 30 July 2014 - Tag : Changing the world, Neonicotinoid, One step at a time
With Lyme disease on the rise in Quebec, you may be wondering what you can do to protect yourself, your family and your furry friends this summer. Health officials suggest applying bug spray before going into grassy or wooded areas, but you would rather avoid products containing DEET, and wonder if there are any alternatives. Read on to learn more about your options. But first...
There is a lot to love about spring. Cherry blossoms, magnolia flowers, lilacs. But if ever there were something to love a little less about it, it would have to be ants. Not ants where they belong, outside, aerating the soil, reducing acidity, and feeding on the larvae of other less desirable pests, but ants inside your home, running through your kitchen, wreaking havoc in...
Actualité - 28 May 2014 - Tag : Ants, Changing the world, One step at a time
You are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your first summer basket. In the meantime, is there a way to eat fresh, local food? Fortunately, yes. Here is a list of 10 products that are currently or will soon be available in Quebec.  Good news after a winter that did not seem to want to end. If in the coming weeks, you don't see these products in your local grocery store,...
Actualité - 15 May 2014 - Tag : Changing the world, Eat local, One step at a time