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Quebecers have been waiting since 2008's Provonost report for the agri-food policy green paper, which was finally tabled yesterday. Although the paper does make some encouraging proposals, including: cross-compliance, i.e., attachment of environmental conditions to government support policies developing Quebec's environmental and agricultural assets it disappoints in...
A new study from University California Berkeley links prenatal pesticide exposure with slight cognitive deficits in school-age children. The researchers – including one from Ste-Justine Hospital in Montreal – found that children whose mothers had had the highest level of pesticide concentrations in their urine during pregnancy scored on average 7 points lower on IQ...
An independent study from Sherbrooke, QC demonstrates for the first time the presence of pesticides from GMOs in the blood of women, including pregnant women and their fetuses. Toxins – even at a low concentration – can have a long-term effect.
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