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Steven Guilbeault

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Montreal, February 23 2012 – In a legal case, Equiterre and citizens of Dunham versus Montreal Pipe Line Ltd., the Quebec Court has ruled that Montreal Pipe Line must go back to the drawing board, do their homework, and return before the province's farmland protection commission. The company must justify the need to build a new pumping station in Dunham. This pumping...
Communiqué - 23 February 2012 - Tag : Advocacy, Steven Guilbeault, Tar sands
Discussions will continue despite Ottawa's interference Montreal, February 23, 2012 – Following the European Commission's vote on the fuel quality directive, Equiterre is rejoicing over the fact that the misinformation campaign run by the federal government failed to have an important impact. Despite the fact that the proposal was not adopted, there will be another...
Communiqué - 23 February 2012 - Tag : Advocacy, Steven Guilbeault, Tar sands
Montreal, January 18, 2012 - Equiterre is pleased to learn that there are still political leaders in North America who can say no – to pressure groups, to greed – in the name of protecting human and environmental health. “The rejection by the Obama Administration of the Keystone XL Pipeline project as proposed by TransCanada is a real slap in the face to the...
Communiqué - 18 January 2012 - Tag : Getting involved, One step at a time, Steven Guilbeault
(Adapted from a column by Steven Guilbeault originally published in the Métro newspaper.) "There was more sad environmental news from Ottawa this January. The Minister of Natural Resources, Joe Oliver, published an open letter in the Globe and Mail denouncing “environmental and other radical groups” for opposing the Northern Gateway pipeline project. The...
Actualité - 18 January 2012 - Tag : Advocacy, Steven Guilbeault, Tar sands
Equiterre is hosting a "5 à 7" for sustainable transportation in the atrium of the Centre for Sustainable Development in Montreal. Presentations by:  Montreal Cycle Chic cardiologist François Reeves environmentalist Steven Guilbeault Also on the program:
A new initiative to inspire public debate in Quebec was launched last night in Montreal. Sortie 13 brings together 13 Gen X and Y leaders, each of whom specializes in a different societal issue, ranging from transportation to entrepreneurship to immigration. Equiterre's Steven Guilbeault is the group's resident environmentalist.
Montreal, June 6, 2011 – As expected, the environment and the green economy were once again absent from the Harper government's budget, which is an almost exact copy of the one presented in March, at which time Equiterre expressed its profound disappointment with the few environmental measures contained therein.
Communiqué - 7 June 2011 - Tag : Advocacy, EcoEnergy, Federal budget, Harper government, Steven Guilbeault
Ottawa, March 22, 2011 – Equiterre was profoundly disappointed with the few environmental measures that were part of the 2011 federal budget. The federal government has ended many programs that were both popular and essential, including those encouraging the production of renewable energies, the construction of energy efficient buildings and houses and the development of...
Communiqué - 23 March 2011 - Tag : Advocacy, EcoEnergy, Federal budget, Harper government, Steven Guilbeault