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Sustainable transportation

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Equiterre and Bombardier Aerospace are co-hosting a panel discussion on sustainable transportation and climate change as a COP17 side event in Durban, South Africa.   It will be a chance for participants to meet informally with experts from around the world to discuss the real issues and discover the latest best practices. 
1- Define your project More bike racks at your children's school? A corporate membership in Communauto at work?  Identify the benefits of your project – for the organization and its employees, for health and the environment. 2- Find Allies Find colleagues and other people involved with the organization who support your idea. Find out if there is...
Going away? We all need a break sometime. But that doesn't mean that we should leave our values at home. Especially when there are so many ways for concerned travellers to minimize their environmental impact. Here are some ideas to help you plan a vacation that the whole world can get excited about.