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Transportation and land use

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The government of Quebec has officially approved a new Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan for the Montreal Metropolitan Community. The plan – perhaps best known by its French acronym PMAD – establishes environmental and transportation guidelines until 2031 for residential, industrial and commercial development. (Did you know the area expects to accommodate...
Actualité - 13 March 2012 - Tag : Advocacy, Transportation and land use
The fresh sting of the Kyoto pull-out. Disappointment in Durban. Traffic jams in Montreal. What do these issues have in common? They got you talking. It’s your interest that fuels the fight against climate change. Every year at this time we look back at the big climate change stories of the year. How do we know if a story is “big”? If it matters to you.
Equiterre urges decision makers in the public and private sectors to make socially and environmentally responsible choices, with a focus on 7 major issues along two main themes: food production and the fight against climate change. In food production, Equiterre works on food sovereignty and the future of farming.  In the fight against climate change, we work on the...