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“Intensive farming is not sustainable. I’d like to see farmers in the South growing food for themselves rather than producing for others and being exploited.” – Mathilde Gourgues, short food-supply chains intern, winter 2017
Actualité - 14 June 2017 - Tag : Sharing expertise, Volunteer
Since late April, communications intern Marie-Ève Lépinay has been helping out at Équiterre, and she’s really making a difference. A student in the third year of the Bachelor of Communications program at the Université de Montréal, she is very interested in the local and organic food movements, which is what prompted her to apply for the internship in the first place....
Actualité - 14 July 2015 - Tag : Getting involved, Give time, organisme, Volunteer
Gabriel Meunier, chair of the Équiterre action group in Lanaudière, has won the Environment category at the Forum Jeunesse Lanaudière’s Gala Florilège! The ceremony, which celebrates local youth between the ages of 12 and 35, rewarded Gabriel for his commitment and perseverance.
Actualité - 30 June 2015 - Tag : Action group, Getting involved, Organization, Volunteer
When Lise Dunnigan retired in 2011, she joined Équiterre’s Quebec City volunteer action group—and has never left. After a career in the Quebec government, where her work focused on the status of women, public health and poverty, she became concerned about issues regarding the state of the planet and related problems.
Actualité - 30 June 2015 - Tag : Getting involved, Organization, Portrait, Volunteer
Laurence Plourde Dinelle first came across Équiterre while working in restaurants, when she discovered local farmers who were supplying fresh organic produce. However, her philanthropic management studies actually brought her to us. Interested in event organization, Laurence volunteered at the cocktail fundraiser in fall 2014. She didn’t see herself as an activist, but...
Actualité - 14 May 2015 - Tag : Getting involved, Organisme, Volunteer
Drop by Équiterre’s offices on a Thursday morning and you’re sure to bump into Denise. She’s well into her sixties and always scouring the Web for the latest environmental news. Denise has been a press review volunteer for not one, not two, not three, but eight years! “Doing the press review keeps me up to date with what’s happening with the...
Since arriving in Quebec nearly four years ago, Émilie has been involved in many environmental activities. After working with Les Amis de la Montagne on projects such as the reforestation of the mountain—the green symbol of Montreal—Émilie wanted to do even more. She found her place with Équiterre. “When I arrived in Quebec, I wanted to volunteer to meet...
Actualité - 31 March 2015 - Tag : Getting involved, Give time, Volunteer
After 10 years working for IT firms and web agencies, in 2013 Marie-Soleil L’Allier decided to change direction and pursue a master’s degree in environmental science at the Université du Québec à Montréal so she could help companies go green more quickly.
Actualité - 29 January 2015 - Tag : Action group, Action groups, Give time, Marie-Soleil L'Allier, Portrait, Volunteer