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Murielle Vrins

Job title: 
Program Manager – Food
Senior spokesperson and bilingual speaker - fair trade

Since childhood, Murielle has nurtured an unconditional love for nature and always dreams of living there permanently, under a tent or in a pretty cabin in the woods.

With a degree in environmental sciences, it was during her stays in West Africa, Latin America and Asia within fair trade coffee, shea, cotton, tea and spices cooperatives that Murielle decided to work towards a more ecological and fair trade world. Out of a taste for social justice and reconnection with our food production, she has dedicated herself to deploying such projects here, notably at Équiterre, where she has been working for over thirteen years. Awareness raising, mobilization and citizen education are her preferred tools to bring citizens and public institutions (daycares, schools, health institutions, etc.) to focus on local, organic and sustainable food.

She also pursues, out of passion, this work with her fellow citizens in their small rural communities, by recreating the link with our local producers through a public market. She also contributes to building an eco-responsible living environment, where local and sustainable food takes its place in the form of vegetable gardens and educational activities in the region's daycare centres and schools. She teaches her daughters this indispensable link with nature by cultivating a large family vegetable garden... and by sleeping as often as possible, here and during their many trips under the stars.