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2nd Fossil of the Day for Canada in as many days at Doha

Yes, Canada has won another Fossil of the Day. In a media statement, Minister Peter Kent confirmed Canada's intention not to contribute new funding in Doha to help poorer countries cope with climate change, saying that Doha "isn't a pledging conference." 

In a letter addressed to civil society groups, Minister Kent said that Canada does not support providing funding for emission reductions through the new Green Climate Fund – a fund that has been a major accomplishment of recent UN climate talks – until "a new agreement applicable to all... can be adopted by all parties."

Last year's negotiations in Durban gave countries until 2015 to reach this agreement, which will not go into effect until 2020 – so Minister Kent's position could mean that Canada delays contributing dollars to the Green Climate Fund to help poorer countries reduce their emissions until 2020.  

"Canada's poor showing at tackling climate change at home makes it even more important for them to show leadership in helping others, says Hannah McKinnon of Climate Action Network Canada. "The government could rebuild trust and do itself and its international reputation a favour by stepping up and committing its fair share to help countries who didn't cause climate change deal with its devastating impacts." 


Photo: Naoyuki Yamagishi / WWF Japan