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$600 million for 8 km of highway, really?

The proposed extension of Highway 19 over a distance of 8 km, linking Highway 440 to Highway 640 between Laval and Bois-des-Filion, should be of concern to all Quebecers. 

This project would require a colossal investment – of $500 to $600 million! – but only serve about 7000 people, at at a time when so many cuts are being made to public programs and some public transit agencies are reducing their services.

Building or extending highways eventually leads to more traffic congestion, which increases greenhouse gas emissions, worsens air quality and contributes to health problems.

This project is critical because it could be a model for future development. In 2015, should we be building more roads or tackling the problem at the source by reducing the number of cars on the roads?

For the same amount, an urban boulevard project, served by an efficient public transit network, along with other improvements to the regional transit system, would bring greater benefits for more people. A bike path in particular would enliven the sector in a way that more highway would not. 

Equiterre is asking the provincial government, as well as the Montreal Metropolitan Community, to opt for a sustainable solution based on public transit and the development of park-and-ride facilities and a true boulevard instead of the A-19 extension.  

Do you agree? Sign the petition launched by the Conseil régional de l'environnement de Montréal: Yes to a Boulevard and Public Transit and No to a Highway Extension (in French only).

For more information, see the Yes to a Boulevard and Public Transit Facebook page (also in French).

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