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Ambitious public transit plan unveiled for Montreal region

Actu - AMT wagon

The AMT, the public transit planning body for the Montreal region, released an exciting plan last week that aims to increase ridership by one-third by 2020 and to make public transit a more attractive option than single-occupant car use.

It also proposes extending the AMT's territory to serve more people. 

And it promotes the transportation cocktail, i.e., the use of more than one mode of transport for the same trip.

Lastly, it proposes adding an additional 250 km of reserved bus lanes to facilitate commuter access to downtown.

To achieve these objectives, the AMT will need to:

  • extend the orange, yellow and blue lines
  • set up a light rail rapid transit train along Highway 10
  • increase the number of departures on the Vaudreuil-Hudson commuter line 

Let's hope that these plans become a reality...and on schedule!