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Being adopted by a family farmer means...

Geste - Les fermiers de famille d'Équiterre veulent vous adopter

Want to do your part for the environment?

Do like residents in Gatineau, Quebec City, Montreal...

Let a family farmer adopt you.


By signing up for an organic basket!

Being adopted by a family farmer means:

  • receiving fresh, locally grown, organic produce each week
  • supporting the local economy
  • eating healthy food for less
  • enjoying the taste of seasonal fruits and vegetables

...all while doing your part for the environment!

Use our fast and easy sign-up page to start the adoption process.


  • There are more than 450 drop-off points to choose from across Quebec.
  • You can choose the basket size that best suits your household.
  • You will receive six to twelve varieties of fruits and vegetables per delivery.
  • Unwanted items can be exchanged.
  • Certified organic meat is available for order.

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