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BT toxins from GM foods found in blood of pregnant women

Actu - femme enceinte (ventre)

An independent study from Sherbrooke, QC demonstrates for the first time the presence of pesticides from GMOs in the blood of women, including pregnant women and their fetuses.

Toxins – even at a low concentration – can have a long-term effect.

Dr. Aziz Aris, the author of the study, which was funded by a Quebec fund for health research, cited the need for more research on the impact of GMOs on humans. "The impact of GMOs has been extensively tested on animals, but not on humans." 

What is the real impact of introducing transgenic crops into our food system?

The community supported agriculture (CSA) model, where family farmers provide baskets full of fresh, locally grown food, is certainly one solution that tastes good!


What is the real impact though?

Rather than recommending whole foods, why is this innately harmful? what were the levels were they more than trace levels? Gerald

Thank you for your comment

I can't speak in any detail about the study.

For that, you might need to contact the researchers involved directly.

But I do feel that evidence of toxins circulating in the blood of pregnant women is a cause for collective concern.

As for our recommendation of whole foods, that is part of our raison d'être as an organization. Our community supported agriculture program is the largest of its kind in North America.