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Couillard says no to shale gas industry in Quebec

Actu - Non au gaz de schiste! Marcovdz via flickr

No sooner had BAPE, Quebec's environmental review board, issued its report advising against exploration and development of shale gas in the St. Lawrence Valley than Premier Philippe Couillard said no to shale gas development in the province. 

The BAPE report raises several economic and environmental concerns. The economic benefits for Quebec would be slim or nonexistent, even 25 years down the road. Development would require widespread social acceptance that it does not currently have. Even more disturbing, industrial activities related to shale gas would generate an increase in greenhouse gas emissions that could range from 3% to 23.2%.

Concerns also included impact on air and water quality as well as the lack of a legislative framework. 

Good news for the thousands of Quebec residents who were worried about shale gas development taking place near them.

Equiterre commends the BAPE for its careful work and welcomes this decision by the Couillard government.