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Défi Climat: sign up now!

Actu - Défi climat 2011

Calling all Quebecers! Once again, it's time to pledge to reduce our collective greenhouse gas emissions, with the 4th edition of Défi Climat, the province's largest awareness-raising and mobilization campaign in the fight against climate change. Sign up today at

Discover our list of greenhouse gas reducing actions, which has been updated to include some ideas for the even more daring. Also new this year: a calculation of CO2 reductions and an explanation of the health and economic benefits of certain actions.

Thank you to all the organizations who have signed up staff or students, as well as to our many partners and volunteers.


I think it is amazing that day after day we find more things that we can do to help climate change. Thank you for this list and for offering us all the opportunity to help. I hope that you will keep us posted.

 So happy to have you on

 So happy to have you on board, Bruni! And it is exciting to think about how much power we do have: our "small" actions can lead to big change.