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Dossier: Agricultural rezoning in Quebec


The pressure on Quebec’s agricultural land, a scarce and valuable resource, is alarming. Despite the Act Respecting the Preservation of Agricultural Land and Agricultural Activities, which took effect 40 years ago, our farmland continues to disappear year after year because of urban sprawl and financial and real estate speculation. An estimated 35,000 hectares have been affected over the past 20 years.

Here is everything you need to know about this important issue:

Our vision of agriculture as a strategic resource

Équiterre has always proposed and supported innovative public policy as well as community and corporate actions that foster sustainable agricultural and food systems.

A vital, rare and non-renewable resource, Équiterre believes that our agricultural land should be considered a part of our collective heritage: a true strategic resource.

The foundational elements that guide our work on agriculture are soil health, agricultural land protection, food autonomy, agricultural succession and a new generation of farmers, and dynamic land occupancy. 

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