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Impress your guests with organic meat

"One of the basic tenets of organic farming is to prevent problems by choosing appropriate breeds rather than relying on medications," says Jean-François Levasseur, who with his childhood friend Jean-François Labbé and wife Joanie, operates the Ferme du Coq à L'Âne in Bury, Quebec.

This Eastern Townships farm, which has been a member of Equiterre's community supported agriculture (CSA) network since 2008, produces organic beef from a cross between Salers and Highland beef cattle, which are well suited to the Quebec climate.

The herd is grass fed and raised outside all year round. Jean-François explains the benefits of this method: "We have a 50-head herd grazing on more than 30 hectares in the summertime. The animals have a lot of space, which helps prevent infections. Overcrowding can lead to disease."

Organic regulations limit the number of animals allowed on a given surface. This helps keep the herd healthy.

In addition to its cattle, the farm also produces vegetable baskets in the summer and winter, most of which are sold via the family farmer network. "We work in the fields, tend to the cattle, and make deliveries." In fact, the farm is named for a French expression that means to "skip from one thing to another." As Jean-François explains, "We skip from one thing to another several times a day."

To order meat

To impress your guests with organic, local meat this December:

  • Use our "Find a drop-off point" page (in French only)
  • Scroll down to LISTE DES POINTS DE CHUTE.
  • Select Commande de viande (Meat orders).
  • Select an area from the Emplacement menu.
  • Select a city.
  • Where applicable, select a neighbourhood.
  • Click Appliquer.
  • Contact the farmer directly to place your order.  

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