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Introducing Annick Girard, our Environmentally Conscious Families blogger

Actu - Introducing Annick Girard, our Environmentally Conscious Families blogger

How can you tell if a family is environmentally conscious?

There are different signs that give such families away.

For some, it is a penchant for biking.

For others, it is a love of public transit. 

Sometimes, you have to be in a family's kitchen to know. Is their fridge full of locally grown food? That is a pretty big indicator. Look in the pantry. Do you see organic or fair trade labels? Another clue. (I bet many of you are beginning to recognize yourselves here.)

Some may have decided not to own a car, or to abstain from air travel.

They may grow their own vegetables. Make their own soymilk. Reuse rainwater. As many ways as there are to be a family, there are ways to be environmentally conscious.

With this blog series, I will share my family's attempts to be environmentally responsible. I'd say that we are fairly typical: a forty-something couple kept busy by two young boys. 

Here's what I'm working on this month:

  • Limiting purchases of new products (except for health or hygiene reasons).
  • Making sure that any new products I do buy have some kind of environmentally or socially responsible certification or credentials, e.g., locally made, organic, fair trade.
  • Reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by our shopping trips.

How about you? Is your family working on some environmental goals this month? If so, I'd love to hear about them. 

Watch for my next post, in March, on consuming less.