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Local food in our hospitals: new report gives hope

Quebec health care facilities would like to use more local food in their food services, but is it possible?

According to a report released this week, yes. The study, available in French only, identifies solutions for healthcare facilities interested in integrating more local food into their menu. It draws on the experience of two hospitals that buy directly from local producers: Hôpital Jean-Talon Hospital in Montreal and Cité-de-la-Santé in Laval.

Buying local food:

  • reduces packaging
  • reduces transportation
  • stimulates the local economy
  • revitalizes our rural areas

Other advantages:

  • fresh produce is good for you
  • fresh produce tastes good because it is picked when ripe and doesn't have to spend as much time in transit

We hope that this study will inspire other healthcare facilities in the province to add more local food to their menus.

Read the study (in French only)

Watch the video (in French only):