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New Report by Équiterre : Accelerating the transition to electric mobility in Canada


Équiterre released on May 29th at the Electric Mobility Conference in Toronto a new report showing the potential impact of a national zero-emission vehicle mandate in Canada. The report ''Accelerating the transition to electric mobility in Canada : The case for a zero-emission vehicle mandate'' was commissioned by Équitterre to Navius Research and Simon Fraser University Sustainable Transportation Action research Team (START).

The report examined which suite of policies, in addition to existing and proposed climate policies, would lead to the greatest increase in Zero-Emissions Vehicules (ZEV) sales by 2030 in Canada and the resulting GHG emission reduction. The report found that a ZEV mandate, would yield the greatest “bang for the government’s buck”, as it is a cost-effective policy for governments to ensure an ambitious adoption of electric vehicles in Canada.

The central policy recommendation, that could be an effective part of the Pan-Canadian Climate Change framework, is the combination of a stringent ZEV mandate, strong but temporary plug-in electric vehicles purchase incentives and ambitious charging infrastructure deployment.

Consult the press release here.

Consult the full report here (Pdf version).